Ambassador interview: Aleksandr Katulus Vidmar


Part four of our interview series with Bitnation’s international ambassadors, this time with Aleksandr Katulus Vidmar.


Erik: Hello Aleks, could you first tell us a bit about yourself please? Where are you from and what has gotten you into crypto technologies and liberty?


Aleks: Hello. My name is Aleksander, 36 years old from Slovenia. Being raised in a non-democratic state (at the time Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia) made me appreciate the freedom to choose more than I might have appreciated it if I was born in a more democratic state. It also made me more aware about the issue of human rights and rights of individuals as well.

I became interested in crypto tech during the research for my BA thesis. Since the topic of my BA thesis tackles terms like statehood, internet-based communities and e-governance, I came across a lot of relevant material while combing the web for information. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, I came to the conclusion that blockchain technology is going to change the game for everybody, even for governments – as providers of governmental services that currently enjoy a monopoly status.


Erik: How did you get in touch with Bitnation and what motivated you to become a Bitnation ambassador?


Aleks: I first learned about Bitnation when I was doing my research. It was a real eye-opener for me. Previously I considered Bitcoin not to be anything more than just a tool to transfer value from one part of the world to another. And I have a longstanding interest on e-governance, going back far into the 90ies. Thus I wish that more and more useful services were somehow brought over in the context of the internet to be more accesible to common people.

After thoroughly looking into the goals of Bitnation I concluded that it is a wonderful project which can positively affect the lives of people all over the world, and that I should definitely be a part of this. So I decided to become one of the members of Bitnation’s Ambassador network.


Erik: Tell us a bit more about your professional background, you have been working as an event manager, right?


Aleks: Yes I have a bit of history in PR and event management. I organized a couple of conferences and seminars and I really like to connect people. I think the skill of connecting people in a proper way is now what separates sucessful events from unsucessful ones. It is becoming increasingly harder to make people go somewhere and meet others at the same time. It has to be an event with a longstanding tradition and good reputation, so that people will change their plans in order to participate.


Erik: Do you think the digitization of our daily lives is a threat to proper networking? How do you make people go out to meet people when they could do everything online?


Aleks: No, I dont view the digitalization of our everyday life as a threat to networking. From my perspective, it enables more sucessful networking, because it reveals some aspects of individuals that are personal and those aspects can also serve as a way to effectively connect with someone else, especially if they have a lot of things in common or can relate to them from a similar viewpoint.

Yes, the world is indeed more informatized each day, and technology allows us to do various activities from the comfort of our home, but there is still a wish in people to connect to eachother face to face, to somehow feel the authentic “vibe” of the other person.


Erik: Anything else you’d like to share with us? What can we expect from you in the future? :)


Aleks: I personally feel grateful, for having a chance to be a part of the absolute avantgarde when it comes to the development of alternative governance. Everything what we do here is going to dramatically change the future – and for the better, let there be no doubt. I recommend anybody reading this to seriously consider helping the Bitnation project in any way he or she can, because everything is going for the common good.

I will continue to strive to develop new solutions, tailored for the people’s needs, as this is one of the goals of the Ambassador network itself. I also wish to work more on my business side as well, since I have received a lot of fresh ideas and knowledge while being part of  Bitnation’s team.


Erik: Thanks alot for your time and input Aleks, hope to hear more from you soon!


Aleks: Of course, Erik, I’m happy to be invited for an interview.




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Erik Vollstädt

Bitnation Lead Ambassador and Community Director. Born 1993, aspiring entrepreneur and champion of voluntary societies & private property ethics. Proponent of counter-economics and competing market currencies, such as cryptocurrencies. Represented Bitnation as Lead Ambassador since 2015 at the Riga Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Meetup, the iBGEk basic income stage discussion in Klagenfurt (Austria), the Cointelegraph Blockchain Conference in Helsinki, the Zündfunk Netzkongress in Munich, at itnig for the Barcelona Bitcoin Community during the Mobile World Congress 2017 and at the Bitnation DevCon 2017 in Amsterdam. Author of the Bitnation blog. Media appearances include Shift (Deutsche Welle), Der Fehlende Part (RT Germany) and Zündfunk (BR2). Coordinates Bitnation's ambassador network globally and organizes meetups all over Europe. Graduated in Business Innovation & Technology Management (M.Sc.) in Girona (Catalunya, Spain). Wants to live an international lifestyle.

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