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Erik Vollstädt

Bitnation Lead Ambassador and Community Director. Born 1993, aspiring entrepreneur and champion of voluntary societies & private property ethics. Proponent of counter-economics and competing market currencies, such as cryptocurrencies. Represented Bitnation as Lead Ambassador since 2015 at the Riga Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Meetup, the iBGEk basic income stage discussion in Klagenfurt (Austria), the Cointelegraph Blockchain Conference in Helsinki, the Zündfunk Netzkongress in Munich, at itnig for the Barcelona Bitcoin Community during the Mobile World Congress 2017 and at the Bitnation DevCon 2017 in Amsterdam. Author of the Bitnation blog. Media appearances include Shift (Deutsche Welle), Der Fehlende Part (RT Germany) and Zündfunk (BR2). Coordinates Bitnation's ambassador network globally and organizes meetups all over Europe. Graduated in Business Innovation & Technology Management (M.Sc.) in Girona (Catalunya, Spain). Wants to live an international lifestyle.


9 Novembre 2016



Amsterdam, Pays-Bas – Et si vous pouviez choisir votre propre nation et votre propre citoyenneté ? Et s’il y avait des millions de nations à choisir, chacune servant les besoins particuliers de leurs citoyens ? Que feriez-vous si vous pouviez librement passer d’une nation à une autre, et même devenir le citoyen de plusieurs nations, en choisissant celle qui vous convient le mieux à vous et votre famille, avec la même simplicité que lorsque vous achetez une nouvelle voiture ou un smartphone ? Ou, si vous n’aimez aucune des alternatives existantes, que feriez-vous si vous pouviez créer votre propre nation ?

Embassy Review #01


As the Bitnation community expands around the globe and more and more Citizens start interacting between another, several Bitnation embassies have opened their doors for fellow travellers, hacktivists and digital nomads. We will take you on a virtual tour through these aspiring crypto hubs, as they embody the very principles of Bitnation: Living life, unrestricted by geographical borders, by empowering a decentralized lifestyle and voluntary cooperation.