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Erik Vollstädt

Bitnation Lead Ambassador and Community Director. Born 1993, aspiring entrepreneur and champion of voluntary societies & private property ethics. Proponent of counter-economics and competing market currencies, such as cryptocurrencies. Represented Bitnation as Lead Ambassador since 2015 at the Riga Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Meetup, the iBGEk basic income stage discussion in Klagenfurt (Austria), the Cointelegraph Blockchain Conference in Helsinki, the Zündfunk Netzkongress in Munich, at itnig for the Barcelona Bitcoin Community during the Mobile World Congress 2017 and at the Bitnation DevCon 2017 in Amsterdam. Author of the Bitnation blog. Media appearances include Shift (Deutsche Welle), Der Fehlende Part (RT Germany) and Zündfunk (BR2). Coordinates Bitnation's ambassador network globally and organizes meetups all over Europe. Graduated in Business Innovation & Technology Management (M.Sc.) in Girona (Catalunya, Spain). Wants to live an international lifestyle.

Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) – A Stateless Solution the Refugee Crisis?


By Erin Lace


A decentralized project called Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) was recently launched by Bitnation to help resolve the current refugee crisis in Europe by registering undocumented individuals on the blockchain.

Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is seeking various ways to build cooperation with NGO’s and activists to help refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn and destabilized regions.


Oishi Tetsuyuki



Paz y prosperidad para todos?

Autor: Erik Vollstädt

Traducido por: Juan Alonso León -Abarca y Gabriela Quintanal


He explicado en varios de mis artículos que las sociedades voluntarias y paralelas que surgen por medio de las herramientas de autogobierno que provee Bitnation (las DApps) y sus servicios de ley y seguridad, verán un aumento significante en los salarios por persona y el poder adquisitivo individual. El siguiente sirve como escenario del desarrollo de tales sociedades voluntarias de mercado libre.