Bitnation提供相应的服务,是传统的机构,和其他许多人解决争议和保障安全 – 但是却是在地理上分散的不相关的和自愿的方式。 Bitnation工作从Bitcoin技术,2.0 blockchain 到公共登记加密,在所有用户之间进行分配。


正如我们喜欢说 – Bitnation:Blockchains,无国界。

What is Bitnation? – The Googlement


Non-Geographically Contingent Governance Service Aggregators

1. Purpose

The Westphalian construct is outdated, and the arbitrarily drawn lines called borders, which were once supposed to provide stability, are now the direct cause of instability, due to their ‘one size fits all’ design. The nation state model offers little to no personal liberty of choice, in terms of geographical movement, and choice of governance service providers. People are assumed to be content with the same rules and services as everybody around them, simply by the virtue of living in the same geographical area. Yet many people cannot fathom a world without governments, they believe it will descend into chaos — and most people do want various degrees of services governments are supposed to provide.