Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) – A Stateless Solution the Refugee Crisis?


By Erin Lace


A decentralized project called Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) was recently launched by Bitnation to help resolve the current refugee crisis in Europe by registering undocumented individuals on the blockchain.

Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is seeking various ways to build cooperation with NGO’s and activists to help refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn and destabilized regions.

Totalitarian Cyber State vs Freedom Unbound: Interview with Fabricio & Susanne Part 2

Part two of our interview with Bitnation CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and Mises Hispano director Fabricio Terán:


EV: Now that you mention societal change through technological improvements, are you afraid that the establishment is using our blind support of new technologies to secretly build up a totalitarian cyber state?

Identity Crisis?

by Erik Vollstädt


You might be going through what is commonly known as identity crisis. Starting all over again from rock bottom, sitting at home all day (if you have one) wondering about what to do with your life. You used to think there are millions of opportunities out there when you were young, but now it seems you’re stuck in this one place and there’s no way out.

How the blockchain will save the rainforests

by Erik Vollstädt


Most of the world’s precious nature reserves and regions known for biodiversity are not privately owned, as the government deems their preservation too important to let private people take care of them. What happened as a result of this noble undertaking is known as the “tragedy of the commons”  – instead of having “everyone” (or rather their government delegates) control the public space, no one will be really interested in preserving its quality, since every individual expects someone else to do the job. The lack of incentivization prevents our government delegates from doing a good job, as their income does not depend on customer demand or market competition, but rather on how many favours one has accomplished for one’s supervisor and his cronies.