heroes of my neigborhood

The heroes of my neighborhood

By Pedro Rivera


It’s 3 AM in the morning in Popayán, a small city in the south of Colombia, suddenly, the street alarms interrupt the sleep of one particular suburb called Palacé, but it’s no surprise, all the neighbors know what’s going on: Constructors  are trying to install a high-intensity transmission equipment hidden in the night in the middle of a neighborhood inhabited by families with children and elder citizens.

Identity Crisis?

by Erik Vollstädt


You might be going through what is commonly known as identity crisis. Starting all over again from rock bottom, sitting at home all day (if you have one) wondering about what to do with your life. You used to think there are millions of opportunities out there when you were young, but now it seems you’re stuck in this one place and there’s no way out.

How Bitnation will free your mind

by Erik Vollstädt


The search for fulfillment has left many with more questions than they had in the beginning – “Is there an afterlife?” ; “Do we actually exist?” ; “How can I love unconditionally?” or “How can I find my inner balance?

All of these questions require an enormous drive for awareness and a relentless challenging of given social conditioning. If it wasn’t for the artificial divide of humanity into nationalities, religions, skin colour or social groups, we could thrive together instead of letting our rulers manipulate us into fighting their wars based on prejudices and superfluous anger.