Totalitarian Cyber State vs Freedom Unbound: Interview with Fabricio & Susanne Part 2

Part two of our interview with Bitnation CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and Mises Hispano director Fabricio Terán:


EV: Now that you mention societal change through technological improvements, are you afraid that the establishment is using our blind support of new technologies to secretly build up a totalitarian cyber state?

Striving for Perfection

by Erik Vollstädt


Have you ever felt the desire to push your natural boundaries? To resist societal norms of what life is supposed to be – to become the architect of your own reality?


Why be content with what you have already when you know there’s room for improvement?


Civilization as we know it – technology, education, culture, cities, everything – is the result of our ancestors’ efforts to ameliorate our short stay on this planet, they were striving for perfection.

Singularity, Private Law and Crypto-Anarchy

by Marie Dähnhardt

Keep in mind that the complexity of the subject makes a complete forecast impossible, which is why the text WILL contain errors. Nevertheless, the conclusions derived from this essay are likely to be correct. It might appear noncredible to the majority of its readers, especially those not familiar with the Austrian School of Economics and technological singularity. The developments to be depicted are inevitable. Only the result remains to be discovered. We’re free to choose between the total freedom of a voluntary (private law) society and a global totalitarian dictatorship, followed by worldwide chaos and the end of civilization itself. There is no third way left anymore. Lastly, I need to emphasize that this text does not endorse any form of violence or crime.

Human intellect used to be a gift of evolution, but these times are soon over. It will be upgraded, through technology. The point, at which artificial intelligence will be able to improve itself so rapidly, that no “normal” human would be able to catch up anymore, is called “technological singularity“. One of the most famous prophets of this event is Raymond Kurzweil, who has been commenting technological developments for ages and forecasted future developments quite accurately. He dates singularity for 2045. Other thinkers – leading experts in the technology field – estimate somewhat earlier or later, however, always before the end of the 21st century.