Catalunya 2.0: Virtual Voluntary Nations instead of Bloody Ballot Boxes

By Erik Vollstädt


The recent referendum in the region of Catalunya (Spain) has received international attention, but did not lead to more freedoms for the participating Catalans who tried to claim their independence from the Spanish government. On the contrary, the indepentistas have endured a violent bloodshed caused by the Spanish national police in order to defend their ballot boxes. There might be another option for them to achieve self-sovereignty: Enter Pangea.

Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) – A Stateless Solution the Refugee Crisis?


By Erin Lace


A decentralized project called Refugee Emergency Response (BRER) was recently launched by Bitnation to help resolve the current refugee crisis in Europe by registering undocumented individuals on the blockchain.

Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is seeking various ways to build cooperation with NGO’s and activists to help refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn and destabilized regions.

heroes of my neigborhood

The heroes of my neighborhood

By Pedro Rivera


It’s 3 AM in the morning in Popayán, a small city in the south of Colombia, suddenly, the street alarms interrupt the sleep of one particular suburb called Palacé, but it’s no surprise, all the neighbors know what’s going on: Constructors  are trying to install a high-intensity transmission equipment hidden in the night in the middle of a neighborhood inhabited by families with children and elder citizens.

The Truth about Democracy


by Erik Vollstädt


Did you ever come up with the idea that democracy is freedom? That majority rule has got to be the most ethical and peaceful way of organizing society since the only alternatives are monarchy or dictatorship? Even if you notice any flaws in the voting system or the corruption of politicians, you would still think it’s the lesser of all evils and therefore shouldn’t be questioned.