How Bitnation will free your mind

by Erik Vollstädt


The search for fulfillment has left many with more questions than they had in the beginning – “Is there an afterlife?” ; “Do we actually exist?” ; “How can I love unconditionally?” or “How can I find my inner balance?

All of these questions require an enormous drive for awareness and a relentless challenging of given social conditioning. If it wasn’t for the artificial divide of humanity into nationalities, religions, skin colour or social groups, we could thrive together instead of letting our rulers manipulate us into fighting their wars based on prejudices and superfluous anger.




To avoid being caught up by all the fury, envy, sorrow and apathy prevalent in modern Western societies, we choose to look for a way out in ourselves, in search of truth and harmony. We are all stardust going through an eternal recycling process, we all share the same origins and there is no reason to believe in the castes and divisions our rulers have devised to keep us in this perpetuating struggle.

We ought to fear death and live a life of despair and intimidation if we are to be normal. Being normal in a sick society is not really a sign of mental health. Death is just a form of energy transmission from one receiver into another, just as if you would switch a radio frequency. Sorrow over letting go of your beloved ones is nothing but self-pity. Become one with the world and you will understand that their souls have never left this place, much rather they are ever more present within you.




The love and happiness you spread will never be lost, it becomes part of your karma. It is a form of spiritual medium of exchange and your final balance will be a a point of reference for your future reincarnation. Whether you care about your afterlife or not, not living a life of anger or sadness is also beneficial for your current life – choose to be happy and you will enjoy much healthier relationships as well as experiences worth remembering.

One could say fighting the existing establishment and their lies, and the mindset they spread to maintain their rule, would mean to fill oneself with negative energy and therefore lead to anger and discontent. But we at Bitnation are channeling this energy towards more constructive spheres. Instead of tirelessly fighting against the prevalent existing power structures, we are creating a new model that provides more value to the subjugated masses and renders the old system obsolete. We like to stress the importance of positive messaging, since we want to make our audience’s lives more convenient rather than more hateful.

What’s more, building up anarchist parallel societies which respect private property rights and empower free enterprise will bring about a never seen before standard of living, an increase in absolute wealth for all market participants, not just for top-level leeches like today.

One could argue that such a material wealth should be rather irrelevant for spiritually-oriented people as they are more interested in intangible riches such as love and peace. But a crucial part of the physical life of these people remains to be taken into consideration: even if you consider your physical body just a receiver of ubiquitous vibrations and chakra, you need to maintain this body in a somewhat good shape to survive and keep meditating.




Furthermore, one of the main reasons why only such a small part of society is able to spend their time focusing on the spiritual realm is because the majority has to work most of their lives for leeches and already struggles to take care of their families. If we were to remove this material poverty through voluntary means, by trading in rulerless market anarchy societies, many more people could afford spending their time on self-awareness and expanding their consciousness.

Bitnation are the first to create effective tools for self-governance on a global scale, making opting-out from our statist reality a viable alternative. Only then can we really transcend and free our minds from social conditioning and artificial boundaries.




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Erik Vollstädt

Bitnation Lead Ambassador and Community Director. Born 1993, aspiring entrepreneur and champion of voluntary societies & private property ethics. Proponent of counter-economics and competing market currencies, such as cryptocurrencies. Represented Bitnation as Lead Ambassador since 2015 at the Riga Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Meetup, the iBGEk basic income stage discussion in Klagenfurt (Austria), the Cointelegraph Blockchain Conference in Helsinki, the Zündfunk Netzkongress in Munich, at itnig for the Barcelona Bitcoin Community during the Mobile World Congress 2017 and at the Bitnation DevCon 2017 in Amsterdam. Author of the Bitnation blog. Media appearances include Shift (Deutsche Welle), Der Fehlende Part (RT Germany) and Zündfunk (BR2). Coordinates Bitnation's ambassador network globally and organizes meetups all over Europe. Graduated in Business Innovation & Technology Management (M.Sc.) in Girona (Catalunya, Spain). Wants to live an international lifestyle.

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