How to outcompete mass tourism

by Erik Vollstädt


I’ve recently been to one of Spain’s typical mass tourism strongholds at the Mediterrenian coast, Roses by name, leaving me appaled. I had already forgotten about these horrible holiday destinations made up of cement and artificial restaurants.

The only thing the people using these facilities think about is how to get to the Mediterrenian for cheap without planning too much, that’s why they use travel agencies and charter services. They have no idea how much damage they are causing nature and the local culture by using these “services” and the mass tourism infrastructure.

Construction sites, wastes that are being disposed of in rivers and the sea, and the removal of native vegetation to make space for crappy hotels, real estate and entertainment parks all have taken their toll on environment. You can barely find preserved coast lines in Spain anymore and the same is true for all other mass tourism destinations in the world.

You as a customer have the choice to change all of this by choosing to use more sustainable ways of travelling. There are two requirements for eco-tourism to become a viable alternative for the masses:

1. You need to break out of the prevalent paradigm of being told what to do and whom to follow, be it related to travel agencies, your job or fiscal authorities.

2. You should participate in stateless marketplaces instead of “white markets” to keep more of the fruits of your labour in order to be able to afford a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle.

One of the main reasons why most people simply don’t give a fuck about endangered species or organic food is because they are too busy trying to survive and feeding their families in today’s tax farms. They have no time to consider neither environmental and health concerns nor to identify the mercantilist government racket they are working for.

We would see a much higher degree of constructive environmental efforts, if people simply had more money and time left to do so.




One way to reach such a setting would be by opting out from the current statist paradigm of tax slavery and join voluntary stateless marketplaces instead. By choosing to keep the fruits of your labour and exchanging goods and services in a free market where private property rights are respected, general incomes will increase as well as potential new innovations, since there is no established licencing and regulations scheme that would prevent aspiring entrepreneurs from realizing their business ideas.

Bitnation enables people all over the world to create voluntary parallel societies by providing tools for self-governance. You can create your own eco-friendly virtual nation by using our DApps and provide the sets of rules your prefer.

Become rich and save nature by buying property away from unethical governments and corporations.




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Erik Vollstädt

Bitnation Lead Ambassador and Community Director. Born 1993, aspiring entrepreneur and champion of voluntary societies & private property ethics. Proponent of counter-economics and competing market currencies, such as cryptocurrencies. Represented Bitnation as Lead Ambassador since 2015 at the Riga Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Meetup, the iBGEk basic income stage discussion in Klagenfurt (Austria), the Cointelegraph Blockchain Conference in Helsinki, the Zündfunk Netzkongress in Munich, at itnig for the Barcelona Bitcoin Community during the Mobile World Congress 2017 and at the Bitnation DevCon 2017 in Amsterdam. Author of the Bitnation blog. Media appearances include Shift (Deutsche Welle), Der Fehlende Part (RT Germany) and Zündfunk (BR2). Coordinates Bitnation's ambassador network globally and organizes meetups all over Europe. Graduated in Business Innovation & Technology Management (M.Sc.) in Girona (Catalunya, Spain). Wants to live an international lifestyle.

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